Privacy Policy

We do not sell or reveal any personal information about you and we collect data from you so that/because:

  • You do not end up filling up the long forms every time, you visit here for the shopping.
  • To provide you with a better experience of shopping when you visit next time.
  • You can participate in the customer incentive program and save more.


We use both the temporary and permanent Cookies so that we can give you better service with our website. There is no personal information stored in the cookies and these are used to make your experience much better.


We also have strong security measures to protect your data from being misused.

Third Party:

We use third-party firms and share only the necessary piece of information with them, hiding the personal information for your privacy.

Any linking sites:

We are not responsible for data you might provide on the sites directly linking to us or the sites linked by us. We are responsible only for the data you enter on


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